Threatened, endangered, sensitive species

Threatened, endangered, and sensitive species refers to plant, animal, and other living organisms that are, to some level, threatened by extinction. Federal and state governments have management responsibility to protect and restore imperiled species and the critical habitat that supports them.

A desert tortoise in its native habitat in Washington County. Photo by Jason Jones, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Since conservation of species is important not only to our Nation, but to citizens of Utah, the state has compiled a Wildlife Action Plan to conserve threatened, endangered, and sensitive species. Utah’s 2015 – 2025 Wildlife Action Plan‘s stated goal is “to manage native wildlife species and their habitats, sufficient to prevent the need for additional listings under the ESA”. Once a species is listed under the ESA, a state’s ability to manage listed species is diminished and the range of options for managing lands and waters where that species
occur substantially narrows.

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