Mineral resources

Fluorite mineral

Finding and exploiting mineral resources requires the application of the principles of geology and involves mining. Some minerals are used as they are found in the ground, i.e. they require no further processing or very little processing. For example – gemstones, sand, gravel, and salt (halite). Most minerals must be processed before they are used.

Minerals obtained from mines are the source of materials that are used to construct buildings, build roads, make cars, develop technology through electronics, generate electricity, and provide countless consumer goods.

Regulation and development of Utah’s minerals resources are managed by various state and federal agencies that including: the Utah Division of Oil Gas & Mining, the Bureau of Land Management’s Utah State Office , the Governor’s Office of Energy Development, and the State Institutional Trust Land Administration. Mining in Utah is regulated by the Utah Division of Oil, Gas & Mining, which also hosts an interactive minerals map.

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